Friday, July 11, 2008

"Everyday is a holiday, and every meal is a banquet"

Today I walked to the farmer's market downtown and got so many delish goods! I made a tofu, green bean, bean sprout, cabbage & bok choy stirfry for lunch with some of the produce. Lightly fried in lots of pure sesame oil (I love this stuff!) rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and finished with a sake teryaki. Soo good!
"Every meal is a banquet"

When I lived in Dublin, I went to The Brazenhead every Sunday afternoon with Rosie, one of my best friends I met there. We would stay well into the evening drinking, singing, and eating with the locals. It is the oldest pub in Ireland, and after one long afternoon of belting out Irish Rover, Whiskey in a Jar, and Molly Malone, a wise, older (slightly...very intoxicated) Irish man told me the quote I used as the title of this post. I have lived by his words to this day and probably always will.  Above ~ two of my best friends I met in Ireland. Rosie, Patrick and I reunited last summer in MA for my graduation party! (Where I had pounds of catered vegan food from Whole Foods) "Everyday is a holiday."


Littlefire said...

Every day is a holiday... I love it!

bahamamamama said...

Love it, looks delicious.