Tuesday, July 8, 2008


"Produce section. Very provocative area. A lot of melons and shapes. Everyone's squeezing and smelling..."~ Seinfeld

Summer is finally here. Lots of Hadley corn above. 

After a crazy July 4th weekend in Manhattan, I decided it is definitely time to start posting. Also, that wine I am rocking is vegan wine from Union Square Farmer's Market! Then rooftop party in NYC in the rain, so much fun! (Adrien Grenier's cousin, Evan's, to be accurate ;)
Dinner tonight:
A tofu/chickpea salad with lots of veganaise, spices, & celery on a whole wheat bun from Trader Joe's. Also a raw broccoli & tomato salad with Whole Foods organic sesame tahini dressing. So delish!
Above some fab pics from NYC, my dog for the summer Alice, and of course my dinner. Enjoy!


Janis said...

Sweet Pea
This is fabulous!! I love reading your post, very interesting and informative. Of course your pix always make me smile. Nice job on blogging. Muah

Littlefire said...

Nice pix! And colorful dress :) Write on!

Littlefire said...

Oh ... and did I tell you that i'd love to be at PFC's with you right now!

Brett said...

Love the blog,
from the person who recruited you,

Justin said...

This looks like your first step toward writing a book that I assume will be called, "Jessica's Amazing Book of Fabulous Things"...either that or "Jessica's Fabulous Book of Amazing Things"