Thursday, July 10, 2008

Organic Lemonade & Vodka

"On my home I surprise myself by stopping into a liquor store on Seventh Avenue and Twelfth. I surprise myself even further by buying a pint of Black Label. On the way out, I think how strange it is that liquor stores never redecorate. They never get cool-ized. But then, they don't need to be hip. They are like urinals-people will go no matter what." ~Augusten Burroughs, Dry

Augusten Burroughs is my absolute favorite author from my generation, is from my hometown, and I have gotten to see him speak twice and meet him. Don't think the movie Running with Scissors gives the book any justice. (Which is usually how it goes.) 

Anyways, last summer when I came back to MA I worked at a brewery, and now on even the nicest days I have the urge to be in a dark bar. (Don't worry I didn't do that today.) But grey goose vodka is VEGAN FRIENDLY & I love it paired with organic lemonade. Santa Cruz is the best brand in my opinion, very refreshing on a hot summer night :)

Dinner tonight~ A pasta salad I made earlier so I could refrigerate for a while before eating. Organic wheat fusilli, lots of celery, about half a jar of veganaise (I love that stuff!) salt, pepper, thyme, oregano & basil. Also a green leaf salad with tomatoes, YES TOMATOES (read lower post to explain) & Drew's amazing thai sesame lime dressing. 


Littlefire said...

Great Augusten quote! And the pasta and salads look awesome! Wowsers...

May said...

Well written article.