Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Vegan Month of Food! For my first post this month, I decided it should be on something unique and fun to eat! What better then a Vegan Sushi roll in the shape of a cute creature! This is from Zen in Northampton, one of my favorite restaurants downtown. 
I know I have mentioned it before, but here is the link: www.zennorthampton.com
Amazing! It was basically lots of avocado, rice, bean sprouts, seaweed, cucumber etc etc etc. I think it was called a Caterpillar Roll ;)

This month I want to show some of my favorite meals from restaurants as well as ones I cook, plus some sweet treats like the Organic Coconut Lemon Cake I will post tomorrow...get ready, it's the best vegan dessert I have EVER had in my life. 

One random side note: I saw Sonya Kitchell, a very talented singer from this area, who played last night with The Slip, and the show was fantastic. I am in the center and Sonya is to my left. Definitely check out her new album or at least listen to something on Youtube :)

Happy World Veg Day! And, let the Vegan MoFo Begin!


Bex said...

That roll looks so cool!

River said...

I LOVE that roll! So fun! YAY for fun food!

Can't wait for the Coconut Lemon Cake post!

P.S: You are one HOT vegan! :P

evestirs said...

that sushi roll is too cute!

Veg-a-Nut said...

That sushi roll looks awesome. I would love to make one for a party! Coconut and lemon. YUMMO!

evestirs said...

thanks! good to hear from another fellow olive lover :)

bahamamama said...

Love that cute little critter roll.
Can't wait to see and hear about the coconut lemon cake...yumm.
Your blog is so much fun!

goober doober said...

Cute sushi creatures and Sonya in the same post!
You rock VV!!