Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Worst Blogger In The Worlddddd...

In the words of my fave Keith Olbermann, I have deemed myself the worst blogger in the world because I have been so MIA lately. I have good reasons though:

1)OBAMA WON!!!!!!! And that was a GREAT AMAZING UNREAL night complete with lots of homemade dips, muffins, etc, not to mention the Magic Scotch that took me out for the next day. WHOO HOO OBAMA! 

2) I do have to work occasionally ;)

3) This weekend I hit up 4 different concerts in Northampton and absolutely every bar. Good times. Met another NEW MAN INTEREST who I spent some time with this weekend....hmmm more on that tomorrow after our second outing. 

4) I really have been living off of Whole Foods Vegan salad bar, so not too many recipes to share. 

Alright I am done with my explanation! 

First batch of all the home-made guac/salsa/hummus/ complete with popcorn, nuts, breads, chips, veggies, pumpkin muffins, etc etc

Beautiful Sight!

Some pretty excited people with some pretty awesome home-made bumper stickers ;)

First round of BOOZEEE

Today I cooked up that delicious soup at the top, which I will share my recipe tomorrow. I want to leave you with one last YouTube I think everyone should watch! 
I have missed you bloggies!


River said...

We've missed your fun filled posts around here!
That video is excellent, thanks for sharing it!
PS: Don't leave us hanging here without any new man info! :)

goober doober said...

Wowsers!!! As Larry David said (and more than once), those are some pretty, pretty, pretty nice pics. Looks like a good time was had by all. No more what?!?!? Remember that song, 'Little Bitty PRETTY one." Sweet! Here's to a new dawn, a new day!

VeganView said...

Mr. Goober Doober: NO MORE BUSHIT ;)

Bethany said...

sounds like you've been having a lot of fun! the food looks awesome. mmmmmm... popcorn.

I'm tagging you for a meme of sorts. It's cool because you list random facts about yourself. That's it :)


Joanna said...

well, you've definitely had a wild time lately. these pics were so great. and whole foods salad bar is kick ass/top rate!! i love it.

and goober doober, i am OBSESSED with larry david. this may sound kind of depressing and weird, but i always said that if i was a make-a-wish kid, i would ask to meet larry david.

goober doober said...

Thanks Joanna for the Larry David affirmation! For my money, he is the funniest and smartest comedy writer in the world. I love Curb and the more times I watch any single episode, the more I get out of it. He's a genius!!!

Jen said...

i think we've all been on vacation since obama's victory.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I agree with Jen. It's becoming a more and more wonderful world every day.....68 days til inauguration!

bahamamama said...

Wow, this is one great post. So much celebrating and finally people have a smile on their face. Love the pics...looks like you had a great election night.

vegcutie said...

i love the booze picture, and the food of course hahah