Sunday, November 1, 2009

Heyyyy I missed blogging!!!!

I'm back! My store, Layla Vera, has been open for exactly 3 months today! DAMN! It is going really well, and I am very much looking forward to the Holiday season. BUT I decided after everyday of getting into my store and checking like 20 of your fabulous blogs a day, I realized I needed to start again! I missed it! And I have a new apartment downtown Northampton where I do a lot of cooking, a lot of eating out, a lot in general, so I needed to fill my empty blogging void.
First this is just an introduction to see if anyone is even still reading this! If you are then YAY! I hope everyone had a great Halloween yesterday and of course enjoyed vegan mofo which was so much fun to follow. Here are just a few Halloween pics from last night, and tomorrow I will get to the food! I promise! Some dear friends of mine every Saturday take all the leftovers from the downtown farmers market and distribute out all the leftover goods for FREE, YES FREE to their friends in businesses downtown that don't have the time to go. AMAZEBALLS! So from yesterday I have two bunches of kale, some peppers, carrots, and turnips to play with tonight. Glad to be back!

Ok pics, I am the french maid with some friends in my apt.

More fun friends!
Dancing the night away
My mom and friend dressed as Yankees players...they're both from NY
Have you ever seen a ZOMBIE SMURF?


C said...

Yayy! Glad to have you back.. and of course, I'm still reading your blog :-)

bahamamama said...

So glad to see your posting again, we missed you! Love the Halloween info.

Mike K said...

Thanks for the comments on my site, and welcome back to blogging :) Living in Northhampton I'm sure is fun - what a great town!

littlefire said...

AMAZEBALLS is right. Welcome back VV. We miss you and need you positive energy!!!
Oh, and can I say Go Phillies!

gooberdoober said...

Great pix!!! Oh Happy Day! (What is with those Yankees caps?)

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