Friday, March 5, 2010


I know I have not blogged in ages, but when Primal Strips awesomely sent me some of their products to try I wanted to tell the world what I thought!

These things are yummy!

I will definitely be a buyer of the Hickory Smoked and Texas BBQ! They are the BEST flavors and textures in my humble opinion.
I must be honest, I am not the biggest fan of seitan and after I tried all the flavors, cooked and uncooked, I found out that the Lime, Thai Peanut, and Teryaki were seitan, oppose to soy like my two favorites. (All information is listed on their trusty website) It was definitely the texture that wasn't as appealing, but the flavors were very good. When I cooked them in the soup below, I appreciated the texture much more. The lime was probably my least favorite, but for someone that likes a good tangy flavor, this one is for you!

The hot and spicy is made of shitake mushrooms, has an interesting texture and definitely a good bit of hotness.

I decided to use the teryaki and thai peanut in a simple udon noodle soup and I really like these in the soup. They held on to their flavor even after being in onions and home-made veg broth.

These guys are a keeper!


Carla said...

I've been promised samples to review too but they have yet to appear. Reading your review makes me hope that they come soon!!

bahamamama said...

These look absolutely delish...especially in the soup.
Thanks for sharing, will look for these in the store.

littlefire said...

Hey these look tasty! Do they melt in your mouth?
Good to see a VV blog... it's been too long!!!

Mr. Goober said...

That bottom dish looks deee-licious!! Comfort food for smart eaters!

Crystal said...

I love primal strips but don't usually buy them unless we're heading off on a road trip! I never would have thought to put them in soup but I can imagine how that would affect the texture. I might have to give that a try!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by after months of being away from blogging. Hope all's well with you--I'm sure you're enjoying this beautiful Massachusetts spring and all the amazing produce it's bringing us!
Also...where can you buy Primal Strips?

River said...

You've been poked! :)

Anonymous said...


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