Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Asian Flair

"It's just that where he's from, they don't even have a PF Chang's!" ~ The OC

First I'll start with breakfast because I have been insanely addicted to kid's cereal, specifically 365 organic peanut butter pows which are these silly little oat, corn, rice balls with peanut butter from Whole Foods. I mix it with nuts & fruit every morning and a whole lota vegan milk. (Silk is on sale this week at Whole Foods, although not a big fan of the corporate politics of the Whitewave company that owns them...Land O Lakes sound familiar?)Anyways, this is a delicious and nutritious breakfast! 

Now on the quote, PF Chang's is my absolute favorite chain restaurant, and after I became vegan, I called the Boca Raton restaurant who connected me to headquarters and told me all their "vegetarian meals" were vegan, along with most of their sides and noodle dishes. Ma Po tofu anyone?! I ate there at LEAST 4 times a week for 4+ years in South Florida (sick, I know but no joke) as it was right down the road, and in a plaza with my Whole Foods. I have to go to Boston now to get my fix. But it did inspire my asian meal tonight! Complete with a crisp Reisling, just like I used to get at Chang' I miss thee.

Way above is bok choy, nappa cabbage & mung bean sprouts stirfried in a sweet chili dipping sauce and sweet/tangy teryaki sauce (featured below) PLUS some veggie/glass noodle & tofu spring rolls, and to add on, best corn ever from down the road with earth balance soy butter on top of course. Yummm. (once I figure out this whole blog thing, I'll post pics of many trips to Chang's ;)


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yay, it's great to "meet" another vegan! (Especially another vegan who has good enough taste to know that PF Changs rocks!)

I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Janis said...

Sweet Pea,
Wish we were in Boca at PF Changs now!

Littlefire said...

This column brings a big smile to my face! At a wild party, I was once called "bok choy on two legs." Now I finally think I get it:)