Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer flicks & food :)

"Sometimes truth isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to get their faith rewarded." ~Batman in The Dark Knight

You can very well guess that from the quote I went to see this movie last night. It was amazing. And beforehand I went with my friend Justin to Food 101 in the South Hadley Commons for some wine. We didn't eat there, but I highly intend to soon. Definitely a place where a vegan would have to call ahead :) but it was beautiful and the staff seems to be very accommodating. (We got half our drinks for free because there was a little tiff at the bar, gota love that!)

Before the fun, nothing says summer like potato salad. Complete with celery, greens, carrots, veganaise and this awesome southwest spice blend I have. Also, a cool simple salad to complete it with Drew's sesame thai lime dressing. Happy weekend!


Patrick said...

that potatoMAN salad looks deeevine! how did you make it? is there organic vodka in it?

bahamamama said...

As always looks delicious...want to share?

littlefire said...

Patrick always asks the tough questions! Is he from Food 201?
Love the post and I want some salad!