Friday, August 1, 2008

Pizza, Pilates, & Men

"Well gosh by golly, he sure is a MAN!" 
~ The one and only Patrick Phillips

Patrick can make me laugh for 20 minutes straight with the most ridiculous lines. I love waking up to e-mails like that one, which I did the other morning.  And to answer his question on the last post, there was no organic vodka in my potato salad.

I've been wicked lazy the last few days and discovered an amazing and inexpensive pizza from Trader Joe's that I love. When I am more motivated, I'll try making it from scratch because I'd change the dough to whole wheat or something more exotic, and I'd add more veggies. 
One last thought on this post. After my car accident, I went to acupuncture once a week which helped to soothe the pain in my knees, back, neck everywhere for temporary relief. When the pain wasn't as bad, I continued with physical therapy and started private pilates rehab. Pilates has helped me gain back strength, and even though my back still has bad pain from time to time due to a compression fracture, the exercises have helped so much. One of the pilates instructors at the studio I go to works on this blog below. So if you are interested check it out. She's also a vegan and has my birthday!

P.S. I also like waking up to e-mails such as the one I received at 7 am this morning that just really make you smile. More on this later ;)


bahamamama said...

We should all have a Patrick in our life to make us a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for linking to Think Pilates. I've been so busy I just had a chance to checkout your site and love it! It is making my mouth water! Do you think you will ever post any vegan bath and body products as well?

email me at - I want your email!
Hope your birthday was a blast!!!

VeganView said...

Heyy Alexis!
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to email you through that link! I am so new to this blogging thing. I love the idea of bath and body and will do that tomorrow, thank you! My birthday was amazing, how was yours?

E-mail is, I will keep trying to send you a note through the link. I LOVE your blog!

littlefire said...

So cool to discover another vegan with your birthday. It's in the stars!