Saturday, August 2, 2008

Curly Kale & Cocktail Hour!

Saturday=Amherst Farmer's Market! I sauntered my way downtown and got hit on by both guys and girls alike, who were swooning over my "Mean People Wear Fur" t-shirt I got when I was at the PETA headquarters in Virginia...although I do not agree with many of their politics as a corporate business and some of their umm "scare" tactics they use, I do believe they stand for a good cause, and I loved the shirt ;) 

I was stoked to find this HUGE bunch of curly kale for only $2.50, which I guess makes up for that one orange tomato to the right I splurged on for $3.00. I'm sure it will be worth it!

I'll post my dinner later, but I went to a "social gathering of sorts" tonight...cocktail party more clearly, where it's now been pretty much proven people older then me (besides my closest friends) are so fun, so perverse, so funny, and way more intriguing to be around then most people my age are, I think I am meant to be with an older man... ;)

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littlefire said...

In the immortal words of Dee Greaze, you are the "Vegan Queen"!