Monday, August 4, 2008

Bunnies, Vegan (food) Bars, & New Porn

"The sooner you know who you are and what you want, the less you'll let things upset you" ~Lost In Translation

If I were more talented I would be able to control a dog that weighs as much as me, while snapping a pic of a family of bunnies in my backyard woods with my Iphone. Unfortunately, not much luck, but I tried and they were SO cute. My photo on the other hand looked more like Blair Witch Project footage.

On the subject of photography, a friend of mine emailed this link to me today and it is absolutely incredible, so check it out if you have a spare minute.

Fun Fact! Whole Foods in Hadley now has a complete vegan macrobiotic bar and vegan salad bar! I heart them. Below some satay tofu, whole wheat dumplings, golden sesame tofu (my personal fave) and veggies with a sesame tahini dressing. YUM

And as promised here is one of the many tempeh dishes I have been stir-frying with my amazing crispy kale & green beans from the Farmer's Market. Thrown together with sesame seed oil to fry the tempeh, and then adding the greens a little later with some organic sweet & tangy teriyaki sauce and a little Braggs.

My music buddy Alison is in NYC till Sunday (when we will be seeing The Swell Season, from the awesome movie Once at The Pines, HELLO Dublin flashbacks) BUT before that anyone in the area up for the New Pornographers at the Calvin Thursday night??? 


bahamamamama said...

I like the green clover pic, but where is Peter Rabbit?
Love the kale and tempeh dish, looks festive.

littlefire said...

Wonderful post! Wish I could see the bunnies...
And the dishes look scrumptious!!