Thursday, August 7, 2008

Short Post: Interesting Article and Veggie Burgers

I hope you can take a look at this article and let me know what you think. I personally can't stand how people are always doing these crazed trendy diets filled with cancerous preservative packed foods, Splenda, high fructose corn syrup filled dressings etc, etc...Diet is a lifestyle, and that is why being a vegan is a lifestyle. It's not just about the food, although it's a great part of it. (And of course there are junk foods that are vegan out there, but that's why shopping at Whole Foods and small health food stores are great places to find what you want to shop without all the crap in between.) 
This article is an interesting look at how (having a jump-start with Oprah) veganism could be the new Atkins. Although, this is hard for me to look at in this way because veganism as I mentioned isn't a "diet" to lose weight. I have to give credit to someone who can write this and put it out in the mainstream for less health conscious people to be aware of the good that can come from being a vegan. 

Quick meal: Vegan burgers made from oats, bran, soybeans & veggies with nutritional yeast. On top of Roma tomatoes, lettuce, and mushrooms on Ezekiel bread with organic ketchup, Veganaise, organic mustard, organic relish...the condiment works to choose form.

Apologies for the quality of digital camera is officially dead! It's gone three great years through europe, south florida, nyc, massachusettes, etc...Lots of Iphone pics are to be ahead :)

I won tickets to see The New Pornographers tonight! Yay! So, I'll be taking my brother and post tomorrow with pics, some bath & beauty product recommendations (good idea Alexis!) and more :)


littlefire said...

Whether you like the Atkins diet or not, it seems to me that following the Vegan lifestyle requires more of a commitment. It's more of a long-term thing. Am I right? Thanks VV for forwarding the link.

VeganView said...

Being a vegan is a commitment, yes, and the best one I personally ever made, not preaching that it will be for everyone.
But, it is a proven fact that people who try these wacked out diets such as atkins or south beach gain all if not more of their original weight back after a short period of time because the body is deprived of nutrients, vitamins and food groups that the body needs, so you end up reversing the effects in weeks-months.
This is why the most important thing is not diets, its how you live your life to be healthy.

VeganView said...

Thanks for reading my blog and being so interactive Littlefire!

bahamamama said...

Good post and informative about the lifestyle changes one can make for a healthy life.
I'm learning a lot from your blog. Keep up the great site.

Celine said...

sorry to hear about the cam! it lived a good life though.

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Yeah, I hate the idea that some less-informed people think I'm on some sort of fad diet when I tell them I'm a vegan... It's not a weight-loss thing for me, it's a commitment to the health of animals and my own health!

But those veggie burgers sound great. RIP, your poor camera.