Friday, August 8, 2008

Beautiful Gardens & Mediterranean Food

An awesome video by the New Pornographers above, who were soo good last night! And me and my bro for the show at the top!

Beautiful gardens behind my mom's office. She is the office manager of one of the most well known acupuncture centers in MA. I love this place!
Part of their garden, which currently have HUGE squash, green peppers & hydroponic tomatoes.
I Loved this dude!
I was still on an adrenaline high from a lot of fun last night, and woke up like the crazy person I am and ran for over 2 miles at 6 am. I am hurting! For some reason I was craving all this Greekish food for dinner, so below we have grape leaves from Trader Joe's, falafels from Whole Foods (need to make my own of these asap! recipes please!?) organic kalamata olive hummus (from Good Neighbors, sold at Whole Foods and locally made, highly reccomend) plus a simple salad. I dressed everything in Nasoya dijon mustard veg mayo which was very good.

As promised, I am testing vegan beauty products and bath goods, (Kiss My Face is my favorite overall so far) and tomorrow I will give you my results and advice on what I think is awesome and why :)

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littlefire said...

Nice pix... And may the old camera rest in peace!