Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Teddy Geiger, and Dumplings!

Last night, my friend Kt and I went to see Teddy Geiger at Pearl Street in Northampton. He is an amazing musician, and definitely underrated. He's known for "For you I will (Confidence)" and his songs in the soundtrack The Notebook. I personally like the song above. We had a GREAT time, and I got to see a few people I highly...hmm...yea more on that later ;) We'll leave it at "swimming"... Anyways, us at the concert below!

Everybody loves dumplings! Especially me. Vegan dumplings from Whole Foods, just reheat at home in the toaster oven (I do not use a microwave, it zaps nutrients from all foods, and I am highly against them.)  I make a sauce of soy & sesame seed oil with salt to dip in. Below is a light combo of chickpeas, bean sprouts, green beans, bok choy, mushrooms and fresh corn. Sauteed in a rice wine vinegar, Braggs, and sesame seed oil. 


bahamamama said...

Dumplings, dumplings everywhere!

Littlefire said...

Sweet pix! I'd love a dumplin' ... now!

Anonymous said...
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