Tuesday, August 12, 2008

~The Swell Season~

Sunday night, my friend Alison, my mom and I saw Josh Ritter and The Swell Season (the actors/musicians from the movie Once, which I would definitely recommend and it's filmed on my old streets that I lived on in Dublin) and even with the numerous downpours at this outdoor venue, it was such a great show. Some pics below. Josh Ritter is also adorable.

Alison and I above before the first ridiculous rainstorm, so much fun.

For lunch today: Organic hummus, tabbouleh and veggies with a simple spinach and tomato salad with mushrooms and paprika on top with Annie's Organic Goddess Dressing (this stuff is incredible) Also, some Whole Foods macrobiotic curry tofu below. Really delicious. 

I'll be away from the blogging world for the next few days and weekend. "Elbo Room" is coming tomorrow, and I'll be away from my computer and in Boston for a few days :) I'm sure I will have much to blog on Monday. Enjoy!


littlefire said...

V V, not only do you have have great taste in food, but also in music and movies. Once is a sweet film and the music very memorable. I can't listen to some of those songs from the film without hearing a little Cat Stevens. Oh, nostalgia! Write on!!

bahamamama said...

Enjoyed the info about the Swell Season concert...think it's time to watch the movie again.
Enjoy your time with Elbo Room.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun evening! Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)