Monday, September 8, 2008

North End Trip & LUTRA!

"Old wine and friends improve with age." ~ Italian proverb
I have been so MIA and I am sorry! After lots of crazy Labor Day parties, concerts (I highly recommend you check out The Figgs music, really tight) and this weekend I spent in Boston I have been a horrible blogger. But please forgive me!

I don't have many food pics but I will say that Boston's North End to my pleasant surprise is amazingly accomodating to vegans. Besides all the garlic roasted veggies, rosemary potatoes, organic wine and fresh farmer's market produce I never felt out of place. (And I went with all guys who love their italian meats, cheeses and egg filled pasta.) I survived! And had a great time.

Then I come home and my mom's boss got a puppy that I will be able to take care of!!!! How cute cute CUTE is she??? Love her. Lutra is her name, after the island of Eleuthera that we love. Some new recipes soon, I promise!


littlefire said...

That just might me the cutest puppy... ever!

A.Cook said...

Awww!!! Can I have a playdate with it?! :)