Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Once again another fabulous recipe thanks to Isa! For the Jewish New Year tonight among all the pickles from the Jewish Deli I scored, I made Vegan Matzo Ball Soup from PPK as well as Potato Latkes from (look under the Hanukkah section.)

Look at these pickles and pickled tomatoes dominating for apps :)
Personal Serving for moi

Matzo Balls Pre-Drop for soup!
Mmm Vegan Jewish love


A few personal alterations to each:
For the soup, I used wayy more carrots and I added celery. And, since I used all my carrots for the soup I didn't use one in the latke recipe as it calls for. I also used 8-10 small red potatoes instead of regular large ones.

Complete with organic fresh apple cider (and vodka) PERFECT COMBO for apps and red wine for dinner. Will a vegan Jewish deli be in my future ;)

And THANKS for all the great responses to my last post with the alphabet game! You guys are awesome. Happy Jewish Holiday MOFOs!


goober doober said...

V V,
You rock the new year! Reminds me of the Gefilte Joe and the Fish (don't think they were Vegan.. but they were good!) song "Matzoh Man." That dinner looked delicious! Pickle up!

littlefire said...

WOW!! Those latkes look good... I want some right now!

bahamamama said...

Ohhh those matzo balls look delicious...tiny little balls perfectly formed...and those latkes looks absolutely scrumptious. Happy 5769.

River said...

It all looks so damn good!! Can we have that for the vegan celebrity party? Can we? Can we?

...barbara... said...

mmm...i haven't tried any of these yet but now i want to...immediately....

glad you liked the new game :)

Celine said...

your balls are beautiful!
it sounds wrong, doesn't it?

Veg-a-Nut said...

Everything is perfect!

Happy Herbivore! said...

Although I'm not Jewish I'm from NYC (and now live in LA) where the Jewish culture thrives. I love so many traditional Jewish meals - like matzo ball soup! You're look amazing. I wonder if the PPK recipe is the same as the recipe in NWAV. Isa was raised Jewish and her recipes are awesome! Thank you for reminding me to make some matzo ball soup! Although I'm sure mine won't look as nice as yours!

Chelsea said...

I've never had any traditional Jewish food, but that all looks delicious!