Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MoFo Veganaise Addiction & Rainbows

If you guys aren't yet sick of seeing the end of my street, here is the most BEAUTIFUL FULL RAINBOW I have ever seen! Look at that full arc! And the colors!

Just amazing...ok on to the food!

I have a serious love affair/addiction to Veganaise. The blue original because I have tried them all and this has the overall BEST TASTE EVER. I should order this stuff in bulk because I can eat a jar a week and at about $5 a pop, it's getting almost as expensive as my alcohol habit. Just kidding ;)

For my second to last MoFo post I had to share my absolute favorite always go-to sandwich. It is ridiculously easy and so delish. 

Toast up some Tuscan Pane bread from Trader Joe's. (I know I have mentioned this bread a million times, but if you have a Trader Joe's and have not yet experienced this vegan goodness, do now. Right now...well or after you read my post ;) My non-veg friends eat loaves of this at my house late night with Earth Balance. If I could count how many of them have said "I can't believe this is vegan!" No joke, it is that good. 

Ok, enough bread talk. Take a good amount of tofu (not too firm tofu) and smush with fork. Add in however much veganaise you like to taste. I personally use about 2 tablespoons. Add in salt, pepper, paprika and mix! Add on toasted bread. VOILA! Ok, it's not rocket science, but it's really good. Here it is with a simple salad and an olive oil/balsamic dressing I made. 
Oh and one last thing: THE VEG DATE! Went very well, will be seeing him again soon. :):):) Thanks for all your good lucks! They must have helped. 
Tonight I have drink plans with a Professor I have been whatevering. But I mean who can take that over a fellow veg down the road ;) Happy Hump Day MoFos!


Miss Marie said...

Work it out! Congrats on the date. I've never dated anyone that isn't a meat eater (I feel like it's hard to find veg men). More power to ya! :)

bahamamama said...

You must live down the Yellow Brick Road, what a beautiful rainbow and you captured the sequence. Your salad and tofu toast look yummy for a light dinner. Glad the date was fun.

Veg-a-Nut said...

Veganaise is such a red light food for me. I can't afford to eat a jar a day. lol.... I bought the purple label(grapeseed);ast time I went to the store and I am not crazy about it. Bummer!

I have never had tofu and "mayo" sammie, but sure looks good.

Glad the date went well.

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Hey... add in some turmeric, chopped pickle, and green onions and you've got yourself an eggless salad sammie. Yum! I make it quite often!

Congrats on the veg date! Yay for you. I bet it is quite tough to find a veg man... I only know one or two (aside from my hubs).

jelymo said...

i really need to get to a trader joe's. there's one in indianapolis, so it would be an hour drive, but probably worth it.

Happy Herbivore! said...

Scott is nasty addicted to veganaise so he'll be glad to know someone other than him loves it. I like it in my mock tuna salad but otherwise I dunno not a fan? BUT I never ate mayo - as an omni or vegetarian so maybe its just my weird tongue's preferences :)

I'm sooo happy the date went well :) and I hope you have another great date soon. (I also think its so HOT when I guy is veg!)

goober doober said...

What a beautiful rainbow!!! Great pics... Reminds me of that cool Rolling Stones song, "She's a Rainbow." Sweet. And nice to hear about the vegdate. Yeah!

River said...

That rainbow is so beautiful, I am a big fan of rainbows, pot of gold or not.
That sandwich looks so yummy, and the salad is so colorful!
Woo hoo! So many hot dates and whateverings going on!

Bex said...

I just picked up the grapeseed one to try but I am also a veganaise addict.

Kelly said...

That is a beautiful picture. I am jealous. Have you ever tried making your own veganaise? I've been curious.

Bethany said...

I'm happy that your date went well :)

I love tofu so much (and vegenaise). If you add a ton of nutritional yeast and some celery and onion, you pretty much have tofu non egg salad.