Sunday, November 23, 2008

Perfectly Cooked Tofu

I adore perfectly fried tofu. I don't think much gets better then that crispy and delicate perfection. My way of doing it:
Slice xtra firm tofu into squares and heat up olive oil in skillet. Gently, place the tofu on and season with salt and pepper. Do not flip for a few minutes.

In this dish above, when I flipped I added a tad of vegetable broth, this delicious orange soy marinade and a little soy sauce. Make sure the liquids cook down and flip again if desired. I usually do for extra texture and flavor. I also added in fresh minced garlic....mmmm.

The veggies are just green beans and cut white corn I made in some veg broth with salt and pepper. Time efficient and so good. 

I also baked up 3 batches of whole wheat chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. Recipe next time, promise! This weekend kicked my ass, I need some napping before tonight. Some fun photos from the last few days. (I slept in a college dorm last night, and I barely slept in a college dorm when I was even in college! Such an experience ;)

Singer/Songwriter writer Ari Hest, check him out, he's awesome

Just another night at the Brewery w/some regulars

Playing downtown Northampton

Awww, good friend Kevin and I getting a moment ;)

And what is Sunday afternoon without a sleeping pup!

Get ready for the MUFFIN RECIPE SOON!


daddy-O said...

Tofu looks absolutely awesome... great post, fun pix!!

Jen said...

that tofu looks good. did you use miki's pumpkin bread recipe for the muffins? you are SUCH a CUTIE PIE!

bahamamama said...

Love that tofu dish, so colorful.
I am obsessed with pumpkin muffins.
You are so cute

River said...

It really doesn't get much better than perfectly fried tofu, and yours looks absolutely perfect!

Thanks for the fun pictures! You're way too gorgeous and I'm totally jealous of your hair! :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

No, no... my MOM is not eating turkey after watching that video. Sarah Palin, I am sure, had no problem visiting that slaughterhouse :o(
(We've all seen the picture of her with caribu blood on her as she was hunting...)

VeganView said...

KT! Thanks for clarifying! I knew I couldn't give Sarah Palin any credit... esp in this department... I was just a little confused reading your blog, whoo hoo for your mom! :)

tofufreak said...


i'll say that's some perfect looking tofu!!!! ^_^

Chelsea said...

Tofu looks delish and you are such a babe!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my beautiful friend :o)

Bethany said...

the tofu looks amazingly good. I love fried up tofu. It's so easy and satisfying.

Looks like you have tons of fun from those pics :)

goober doober said...

Yum!! And LOVE the idea of whole wheat chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. Remember that old Isaac Hayes song "Chocolate Chip." Delish!!