Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first award IM STOKED! AND MORE AWARDS, read on :)


So I have literally zero time right now, but just got this from the fabulous Bethany, and am out the door! BUT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Made my night so far...I will do my passing on to other fab blogs tomorrow but wanted to say how much I appreciate this! 

rules and regs:
1. Post about award
2. Link person back to you that nominated your blog
3. Place the award on your sidebar
4. Choose blogs that you think are really cool and, contact that person and tell why you think that blog is so cool.

WOW! There are so many blogs I love to browse through, this is gonna be tough! But here we go:

Because she has the most rockin MoFo halloween themed October EVER! And also because she always leaves the sweetest comments on not only my blog, but so many others. The bloggies would just not be the same without her.

Her blog is always so much fun to read and I totally appreciate her so called "ramblings." Also she got married in a vegan donut shop, how freaken unique is that?!

She has some of the greatest recipes and her food porn photos are HUGE! I am always a sucker for a blog like that, and hers is healthful and delicious!
Haha, honestly she makes me laugh in her blog and I love all the randomness put into it. Not too mention all those tasty meal photos and, with a blog name like hers, it just NEEDS to be loved!

Ok, many more I want to give, but some have been given out already and ahh once again I am short on time! Love all you bloggies! Happy Weekend!


Bethany said...

You deserve it because you're awesome! Have a great night!

Jen said...

mazal tov!

River said...

Congratulations!! You totally deserve it! Heck, you deserve daily awards! YAY!!

Jen said...

hey vv: how do i post the butterfly award on my blog in the sidebar? i'm technologically inept, so help me please and i'll get onto that project. xo

ps: thanks for selecting me!

bahamamama said...

Wow! Congrats! How appropriate to receive a Butterfly award...very beautiful and interesting...just like you.
Your blog is always awesome. Have a good weekend.

littlefire said...

Congrats on the Butterfly... Very sweet!! Keep up the good work and keen insights!

River said...

Aww, thank you so much!! You made my day! It's easy to leave sweet comments on your blog because YOU are so sweet, and fun, and adorable! :)

Lauren said...

congrats on getting your award!! :)

aTxVegn said...

Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for awarding me! I will post it up and pass it along soon. YAY!!!!

goober doober said...

A great big gd high five on the well-deserved B'fly! Much deserved. Write on VV!

Chelsea said...

Congrats and thank you!!! Go Team Vegan Babes!