Saturday, October 11, 2008

MOFO Catch Up & Fun Pics :)

Hey Guys! I know I know, I promised food porn for yesterday, but I spent all day on my couch attempting to recall the night before. Grace Potter was an amazing concert, but I ended up in the back room with the owner of the club who I have known forever and a large bottle of grey goose. Hmmm...yea, needless to say I was touch and go yesterday for awhile ;)

I discovered Soy Chirizo for the first time at Trader Joe's today which is going to be PERFECT for a spicy Chile I want to make this week. Throw in some homemade sauce, kidney beans, okra, OH AND SOME OF THOSE PEPPERS I FROZE from Dee's garden! Yummo...I am going to stop torturing myself and you guys until I make it.

For tonight I thought some old fun pics that involved vegan food would be appropriate since I haven't been cooking much the past couple of days, more like have eaten a whole loaf of organic bread & earth balance which I didn't think made for exciting food porn...

Let's BEGIN!
In case you forgot about some of those amazing peppers...swoon

Is there anything better then making cocktails with FRESH pineapple & coconut in the Island of Eleuthera...umm don't think so

At Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca...if you are a vegan and don't know about this legendary restaurant and its founder...go to Wikipedia immediately

I just heart this sweatshirt...and that HUGE serving of tempeh & veggies for the family

Besides the GO VEGAN bumper sticker (which used to be on my beloved car, now in auto heaven) these are my two faves I have seen around town

Ok, haha I thought this was funny, my dad spying on my late night dinner habits, probably pan-asian and beer

Besides witnessing my hair color changing quite a bit in the last few months (I am back to a honey blond) I hope you enjoyed! Have a fantastic weekend MOFOs and I promise to catch up on everyone else's fabulous blogs right now!


goober doober said...

Yummy pics! And those peppers from Dee's garden look scrumptious. Oh, and in the words of the late, great Nilsson, don't forget to "put the lime in the coconut."

River said...

You are so gorgeous, girl! Your beautiful smile makes me smile! :)

Celine said...

I agree with River, you look amazing!
also: hooray for vodka. even though only seeing a bottle of it nowadays sends the headaches rolling in, for me.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

One word for you: Model?

...barbara... said...

great pictures you pretty woman you....
talented and beautiful....great combo :)

littlefire said...

HOT pics! And those hot peppers aren't too shabby either! Awesome post. Go Vegan!!

bahamamamama said...

What beautiful pics you have. The island of Eleuthera sounds like paradise and you look amazing and happy. I love hot peppers!!!

Bethany said...

I didn't even notice the hair color changes until you mentioned it.

That was a fun bunch of pics.

Never been to Ithaca, but Mollie Katzen is cool. I remember cooking from her cookbook when I was in high school.